NCP flays BJP request for aid from state to build retaining walls in city – cities

PUNE Before the BJP asks the state government for help in erecting retaining walls damaged by flooding in Pune, it should first answer what it has done so far as the ruling party of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) attacked the BJP in Pune on this point.

NCP State Member Pradip Deshmukh said, “BJP was ruling the state and the PMC when the floods hit. It was time to get help from the state government. When the BJP ruled the state, they did nothing, but now they are asking the state government for help. “

“The BJP still rules the PMC. Why didn’t you do this work alone? The PMC issued tenders worth 70 rupees prior to the monsoon, but there was no work on site, ”Deshmukh added.

Recently, Chandrakant Patil, President of the BJP State Unit, met the community commissioner and made a proposal for help from the state government for the construction of retaining walls in private properties and companies.

Patil said, “To build retaining walls along the nallahs that have been damaged by floods, it would take about 300 rupees. The state government has to help. I will meet Guardian Ajit Pawar and ask for help in raising the funds. “

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