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Building retaining walls with steel posts for long-lasting performance – kechambers

Building retaining walls with steel posts for long-lasting performance

When selecting the materials range for residential or commercial landscaping projects, it’s important to choose products that meet the required performance criteria. Whether it’s an upgrade or a new development, a retaining wall should be easy to maintain, long-lasting and great looking. For these exact reasons, we recommend using retaining walls with steel posts.

So, if you are getting ready for your next residential or commercial landscaping project, check out these important considerations for choosing the right steel posts for retaining walls.

1. Strong and long lasting

To begin with, steel has higher strength and durability than many other materials, making steel posts incredibly strong. When properly treated, galvanized steel posts can be used to build a robust and reliable retaining wall that remains upright and in good condition for many years. Not all steel and galvanized posts are equal though. Galintel uses only heavy-duty steel (15.00kg/m for a 100mm H-Section) making them extra robust. Additionally, all Galintel retaining wall posts are fully hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection in accordance with AS/NZS4680:2006 and quality assured. The tough coating on our products provides reliable protection from rusting, ground erosion, external pressure, and temperature changes. So, they are also not easily damaged during transportation, storing, and installation.

2.Easy to install

Steel retaining wall posts are typically a convenient and adaptable way to design and install sleepers. The ease of installation depends upon the cleverness of the design. For instance, the Galintel range of retaining wall steel posts comes in various lengths and designs, including the H-section, C-section, 90-degree and 45-degree corner posts, making it convenient for any landscaping and garden design. Moreover, our steel posts also come predrilled with specially designed matching fencing brackets, suitable for a variety of timber, concrete, and masonry sleepers, making the installation quick and easy.

This avoids the need for on-site modifications, keeping the integrity of the galvanizing intact and enabling jobs to be installed and completed faster.

3. Timeless aesthetic appeal

Retaining walls are often used as a visual element within an exterior project, so they need to look good. The timeless appeal of the hot-dip galvanized steel finish on Galintel retaining wall posts makes them very adaptable for residential or commercial projects and can be paired with a wide variety of sleepers made from timber, concrete or composite materials in 75mm or 100mm sleeper sizes.

For a sleek contemporary look, Galintel retaining wall posts galvanized finish can also be painted over or powdercoated. Painting can be used to match or contrast the retaining wall steel posts with the rest of the landscaping decor elements such as flooring, sculptures, and metalworking.

Thus, with steel posts, it’s easier to get the desired look of your landscape design than any other material. Whether you are aiming for a rustic or modern look, retaining wall steel posts make it all possible.

Galintel recommends speaking with your local paint experts or powder-coater for a suitable paint product to achieve a custom finish.

4. Low maintenance

The best value-for-money products go beyond the initial price tag. When selecting materials in your landscape design, the long-term design life should also be considered. An initial short-term saving could mean a long-term headache. When offering a solution that is both appealing and convenient for your clients, you should take into account the wear factor of materials and how easy or difficult it is to keep them looking their best.

Galintel retaining wall posts provide great value-for-money with no ongoing maintenance required – unlike timber posts which, even when treated, have a shorter design life when exposed to the elements and can be prone to rot, discolouring and even termites. Galintel retaining wall posts have been quality assured and are ideal for residential or commercial projects, so you can have the peace of mind that they will have longevity and no-fuss maintenance.

5. Sustainable future

Sustainability should be at the forefront of every design consideration. This extends to products used for gardens and landscaping projects. Whilst Galintel retaining wall steel posts can improve the look and value of a property significantly, did you know they offer a circular design? As quality steel can be almost infinitely recycled, it offers a considered solution that anticipates the multiple lifecycles that structures, components, and materials can have. As Galintel uses only heavy-duty high-quality steel in their retaining wall posts, they will not only last an incredibly long time but can also be recycled and reused at end-of-life; for instance, when a client wants to renovate again.

Additionally, the manufacturing process for most steel products has constantly adapted to have a lower environmental impact than concrete and other materials.

Choose Galintel retaining wall posts, available through our authorized network of retailers and distributors

With more than 40 years of experience fabricating steel lintels and other steel products, Galintel offers the highest quality retaining wall posts for residential or commercial projects in Australia. Backed by technical ratings from top structural engineers, our products boast robustness, elegance, and easy maintenance.

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