Exit 11 Project Update: New Ramp Open, Retaining Walls Being Built

Published: Jan 31, 2023 07:30 AM

Crews continue to work major intersection changes for the area of ​​Wasserman Way (State Route 490) at the Exit 11 ramps, Berkshire Road (Route 34) at Wasserman Way, and Berkshire at Toddy Hill Road.

Construction work paused December 24-January 2, when crews were on a planned holiday break. Limited work then resumed January 3-22 during a planned winter break.

Crews were due to fully return to work on January 23, with their first focus on the construction of permanent retaining walls along Berkshire Road. The walls are to accommodate the widening of the Exit 11 ramps.

Following final guardrail installation, the new Exit 11 Eastbound onramp opened to traffic the second week of December. The new ramp was realigned slightly north of its original location to accommodate a slip ramp being built from Berkshire Road. The slip ramp has not yet opened.

The new offramp opened the following week. The new ramp has shifted the roadway slightly east of its original location.

The reconfiguration project is 15 months into production.

The work is creating intersection improvements along Wasserman Way at the interstate ramps, Berkshire Road at Wasserman, and Berkshire at Toddy Hill Road. The off-ramp from I-84 also is being reconfigured to accommodate an additional turn lane and realigned to normalize the intersection with Wasserman Way, according to Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) documents.

The $25.1 million project was awarded in September 2021 to AM Rizzo. Work began the following month and was expected to take roughly 2½ years, until May 2024, to complete.

The project is administered by the Bureau of Engineering and Construction, Office of Construction, District 4 in Thomaston.


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Permanent retaining walls, including this one on the northern side of Berkshire Road, opposite Wasserman Way, are the focus of recent work within the Exit 11 reconfiguration project. —Bee Photo, Hicks

The new Exit 11 Eastbound onramp, realigned slightly north of its original location, opened to traffic a few weeks ago. —Bee Photo, Hicks

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