Villager denied plan for putting green in bid to save her artificial turf

A villager was denied a putting green plan that could save her $ 4,000 on artificial turf in her home.

The Architectural Review Committee this week denied Shirley Schwartz’s application for putting green in the Edgewater Bungalows.

This artificial turf grass in the Edgewater Bungalows has become a popular attraction.

Last month, Schwartz appeared before the 6th Community Development District Supervisory Board in a public hearing to save the artificial turf grass she was using without the blessing of the ARC. The CDD 6 board voted 5-0 and ordered her to remove the artificial turf and replace it with turf. Instead of giving up, she came up with the idea of ​​the putting green at the suggestion of a roommate.

However, it never occurred to the ARC members that the artificial turf in their front yard was actually a putting green.

You can see her entire application at this link: Schwartz puts green application

Schwartz fell in love with the artificial turf when she saw it in a house near Brownwood.

This artificial turf grass was placed at Shirley Schwartz’s Edgewater Bungalows.

“Many homes already have turf grass below County Road 466A. Now with my problem everyone knows that their neighbor did not get permission, so it is an unfortunate situation for everyone involved to play off neighbors against neighbors, ”said Schwartz.

Schwartz’s house at 1139 Edgewater Lane has become a popular attraction due to the public relations work surrounding the artificial turf.

“I still have people who drive by every day to look at the lawn grass. Some knock on the door, others just give me a thumbs up, and others stop talking. I can’t seem to convey to CDD 6 what a perfect product this is and how many villagers would like it to be. Plus it’s all over The Villages now, so they’ve already lost the fight. When something is good, it’s time to embrace it. As we get old, we seem to lose the ability to embrace new products and change, ”said Schwartz.

She said the nice thing about artificial turf grass is that it doesn’t require water or harsh chemicals like Roundup.

Schwartz wishes the developer would come on board with artificial turf.

“The Morse family could make a nice profit if they would accept the product and allow us to retrofit our home with this product. It could be a nice, profitable business and it could help save this beautiful planet that we call home, ”she said.

The ARC also turned down Schwartz’s backup plan, dumping white gravel. She was told to take out the artificial turf and replace it with grass. She pointed to other houses in the Edgewater Bungalows and near Creekside Landing, where homeowners were allowed to lay stones. She said it seemed like her refusal from Stein was a “punishment”.

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