Mild winter gives landscaping companies more time

ESSEX JCT., Vt. (WCAX) – Landscaping crews say a mild start to the winter months helped them make more money.

Nathan Waite of di Stefano Landscaping at Essex Junction says they moved from limited work to no work at all at the start of the pandemic until deemed essential.

From there all hands were on deck all summer to make up for the lost time. That included hiring more people, taking on more projects, and working overtime and weekends because they didn’t know much time.

After some adjustments and a mild late fall, the end of the year isn’t that bad.

“We looked at our budget, adjusted some of our forecasts about where we wanted to be this year, and even with the shutdown and the extra time we had, it was really good and beneficial. We even came very close to our target for the previous year, so we’re very happy with it, ”said Waite.

According to Waite, this fall so far has been a great opportunity for seasonal pruning, decking, fire pits, and leaf removal.

But now they’re looking forward to the winter flakes getting ready to fly and the snow removal.

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