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Kevin Kogut makes customers feel confident and happy through landscaping process – NWILife – kechambers

Kevin Kogut makes customers feel confident and happy through landscaping process – NWILife

Prior to becoming Head of Hardscape/Landscape Design/Sales at Redwood Landscape, Kevin Kogut worked for Ford Motor company for 10 to 11 years and started his own company in 2020. For the past eight months, Kogut has worked at Redwood Landscape and said* remove the word “said” he absolutely loves it.

His love for working at Redwood Landscape starts with the team that works alongside him. He admires the staff all the way from Ron Vale on the maintenance side to new hire Keara Wisek.

“Everybody has the same goal in mind, so that’s really nice. We’re all there for the same reason; grow the company and make the customers happy,” Kogut said.

Beyond being surrounded by people who get along well and have the same goals in mind, Kogut draws inspiration from the attitudes of owners Joy Zandstra and Todd Zandstra and their willingness to trust the team and allow them to handle projects as they see fit.

“We’re not a new company, but we’re a growing company. The ambition of the owners is something that drives me, and I think it drives all of us,” Kogut said, “They give us the freedom to do what is necessary to get the job done and to do it well. They allow us to do that and the crews to do that, so we’re growing.”

Kogut believes that the staff’s ability and desire to listen to customers and actively communicate with them to get the details aligned with their expectations is why Redwood Landscape continues to grow.

Whether working with customers who don’t have ideas and need someone to brainstorm with or customers who have ideas and need someone who can turn that vision into reality, Redwood Landscape ensures that customers are confident during the process and happy with the final product.

“A lot of times, people spend a lot of money on their house structure itself, and then they want someone that they can trust to come in and make the outside as beautiful as the house. We do that by listening to the customer and giving them what they’re looking for or sometimes even what they don’t even know they’re looking for,” Kogut said. “That’s what it’s all about; walking away from a job and the customer is ecstatic. They’re smiling, saying this was exactly what they wanted. That’s the best feeling in the world.”

Outside of Redwood Landscape, Kogut spends time with his wife and kids. He particularly enjoys hiking and vacationing with his wife whenever possible.

“I like going to see the different parts of the country and as many continents as possible to enjoy the diverse world that we live in,” Kogut said.

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