“What Goes Around Comes Around”: Landscaping Owner Scams $400 Out Of This Guy, Ends Up Paying $15,000 After Getting A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Revenge might be a dish best served cold, but ProRevenge needs to be seen and felt by a whole bunch of people so they know that absolutely anything is possible. There’s unfairness oozing out from underneath pretty much every rock you look under, so it feels amazing when someone is finally able to get some well-deserved justice.

Redditor u/Three-Nations shared an incredible story about how their friend concocted an elaborate plan of revenge. Having been swindled for $400 by a landscaping firm owner, the man got justice over a year and a half later. He managed to get the conman to court and actually forced him to incur a whopping $15,000 in expenses.

Scroll down for the full story, Pandas. It’s a bit of a long read, but it really gets you into the entire mood of how complicated revenge can be. And don’t worry, the good guys win in the end!

Sometimes, Karma is a bit busy and needs a helping hand

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An internet user shared how their friend got revenge on the man that conned him in a story that spans years. Here’s what happened


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A year and a half later, the perfect opportunity for revenge presented itself

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The cherry on top was the swindler’s reaction when he learned that this was all done in revenge for what happened ages ago

After getting tricked into parting with $400 when selling a water heater, the OP’s friend later realized that he’d been bamboozled while at a bar. This happened completely by accident. Now obviously he wasn’t going to let that go. And the perfect opportunity for some ProRevenge presented itself around a year and a half later.

He saw that the man who had ripped him off was selling a generator online. Here’s the thing: these things need a warrant of fitness (aka a WoF). If you sell it without it, you can get into a lot of trouble. So, still feeling the hurt from being conned, the man decided to give the company owner a taste of his own medicine.

They bought the generator, demanded a WoF, and then reported the guy to the government. It’s oddly satisfying reading how the company owner, the original owner of the generator, squirmed and tried to wriggle his way out of it all. However, he was forced to pay a ton of money for not following the law and not having a WoF. First of all, he had to refund the purchase of the generator ($800), then pay for the repairs ($5,000), and then pay a fine of $10,000 that was given to the ‘affected party.’

The cherry on top was the owner hearing that this was all revenge for the $400 he’d ripped off for the water heater so long ago. The long and short of is that the good guys won, but only by concocting a slow-burn evil plan. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to teach the bad guys a lesson, isn’t it? If only everyone had the patience for this, the world would quickly become a better place.

But all entertainment and jokes aside, it’s not a bad idea to work with your emotions and to let go of all of that resentment and hate.

During an earlier interview, Bored Panda spoke about anger with Suzanne Degges-White, from Northern Illinois University. The Licensed Counselor told us that living in constant anger can have profound negative effects on our bodies. That includes anger at how unjust everything seems.

“Constant anger can lead to metabolic diseases, cardiovascular problems, and digestive issues. For some people, health concerns are the reason that they may learn to let go of anger,” the professor explained to Bored Panda.

“While being angry can lead to social change and begin to topple barriers and other aspects of injustice, we also know that anger isn’t going to be the best choice to build alliances or convince others of the need for change,” she said.

“Finding common ground is essential in making true, collaborative change. This requires us to let go of anger, whether that is finding a way to sublimate it or overcome it, or just put it aside for the time being,” the professor noted that anger has its role, but it shouldn’t be an emotion that we constantly carry it with us in our daily lives.

The OP shared some more of their thoughts and details about what happened in the comments

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