Villager rips out illicit artificial turf grass but still facing $1,300 in fines

A villager tore up illegal artificial turf grass in her home but still faces fines of $ 1,300.

Earlier this year, Shirley Schwartz made local headlines when she appeared before the Community Development District 6 Board of Supervisors in a public hearing to save the artificial turf grass she was using without the blessing of the Architectural Review Committee. The CDD 6 Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 and ordered her to remove the artificial turf.

This turfgrass was laid at Shirley Schwartz’s Edgewater Bungalows.

Villager Shirley Schwartz has replaced her lawn with stone in her house in the Edgewater Bungalows

After months of fighting with the CDD 6 Board of Directors, Community Standards, and the Architectural Review Committee, Schwartz has finally eased off and removed the artificial turf that cost $ 4,000 to put in her home in the Edgewater Bungalows. She replaced the artificial turf with stone.

Fines were fined $ 50 per day during the trial. Schwartz said those fines had reached $ 1,300.

She reached out to the CDD 6 board asking for the US $ 1,300 fines to be forgiven.

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