Masonry Stone Walls – Dietfurt Limestone from Franken-Schotter

Dietfurt limestone masonry stone walls by Franken-Schotter

Various shades of beige and gray offer designers numerous options for stackable stone walls. The stone can be installed systematically or randomly depending on the design intent. In smaller sizes, it makes a great natural alternative to brick.

A number of finishes can be added to the standard split face finish to achieve different results. The edges can be chiseled to create a cushion effect, or the stone can be tumbled to give the stone a softer feel.

The splitface limestone can also be used in a veneer application or stacked in a traditional masonry application.

Dietfurt Limestone is a natural stone that was created 150 million years ago. The stone has prehistoric fossils such as ammonites and belemnites, which make each piece unique. This limestone is also suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, so designers can bring the stone with seamless transitions inside and outside

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