Village should listen to its caring citizens, maintain the landscaping we have | Opinion

You know me as the plant lady who for years has attended the Village meetings requesting better services, with scant results might.

I have been told by a Village department. head to “plan charity luncheons” instead of calling attention to Village eyesores and volunteering expertise. Is this the way our Village deals with resident participation?

Emails on questionable code enforcement, construction and plant health are not answered. Customer service should be prioritized ASAP.

The deterioration in Village infrastructure and landscaping is evident and worries some. Council members, (the Village) manager and department heads have allowed this for years instead of budgeting and prioritizing maintenance.

Now we must pay for NEW infrastructure and landscaping – like the Village Lake Gazebo, the newly planted Beach Park shrubbery – and much more spending. So, we invest in new, not maintain it, and then buy new again.

Can Village list the “must do” improvements with a price tag, and prioritize? I believe our Village should tend to its sizable investment first before continuing to add projects that would require what they have not been capable of providing.

Let’s end past practices and make a new start.

Ceci Sanchez

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