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The Adult Bookstore Next to Four Seasons Total Landscaping Now Has Branded Merch – kechambers

The Adult Bookstore Next to Four Seasons Total Landscaping Now Has Branded Merch

For every Neil Armstrong there is a Buzz Aldrin – for every pioneer who ends up in the history books, there is someone who is exactly in that shadow, despite doing the same amount of work.

Sherlock had Watson. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping has a Fantasy Island Adult Bookstore.

Everyone was so intrigued by the story of Four Seasons Total Landscaping – the suburban Philadelphia landscaping company with a recognizable name that hosted Rudy Giuliani’s press conference in its parking lot and later sold over $ 1 million worth of goods. But we often forget its less famous neighbor: Fantasy Island Adult Bookstore, whose business began to falter after Giuliani’s visit.

We were happy to learn that Fantasy Island did the smart thing too, launching its own line of branded items as it rides on the wave of newfound fame. And frankly, his store is even more impressive than Four Seasons.

Don’t worry – it’s all safe for work. (We had to be very careful researching this story.)

At any other time, in a different reality than what we are currently living in, wearing a face mask advertizing an adult bookstore in northeast Philadelphia would be … interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, 2020 is far from surprising us any more.

The Fantasy Island Store includes t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, hats, backpacks, a belt pouch, mini skirt, smartphone cases, stickers, a pillow and leggings for men and women. Some designs have rainbow colored variations for LGBTQ + representation.

Photo credit: Fantasy Island Bookstore / Big Cartel from screenshot

Most products have an all-over print of the logo, phone number, address and the store’s typical product range (DVDS, viewing booths, lotions, novelty gifts).

Fantasy Island owner Bernie D’Angelo told Slate that his company got thousands of commenters on Facebook posts overnight and its inventory suddenly flew off the shelves. The next logical step was clothing, but it took a little longer than its famous neighbor. In a Facebook post, D’Angelo called the moment “a lightning strike,” so he had to capitalize once he got a little more foothold.

It actually happened pretty quickly. In a Facebook post on November 10, shortly after Giuliani’s visit, D’Angelo said that despite inquiries, goods “are not in our alley at the moment”. Seems like he’s been quick to change his mind as the company is extremely active on Facebook and pockets the link to the Big Cartel online store as best they can:

When truth is stranger than fiction, anything is possible.

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