Reimagine Outdoor Living with Trio Landscaping

Photos courtesy of Trio Landscaping

The last few years have brought with it a slew of new norms, as well as created more demand and, consequently, material shortages across myriad markets. Trio Landscaping’s owner and designer Diana Grundeen is adding another after-effect to that list—the need for patience. “Over the last few years, people have realized they have more space than what they once thought,” says Grundeen. “We are all spending more time in outdoor living spaces, and it is giving us an opportunity to help people understand there are new ways to look at lawns and yards.”

Trio Landscaping is a Twin Cities-based, design-focused landscape company that has evolved and adapted the concept of yard and curb appeal in today’s market. Grundeen brings 25 years of experience to her passion and thrives on thinking of creative, one-of-a-kind solutions to enhancing her clients’ lives. “We educate people on our process and determine if they’re a good fit for us to work with,” she says.

backyard patio by Trio Landscaping

When reaching out to Grundeen and her team, potential customers can expect an initial investment of a 1-hour comprehensive virtual consultation via Zoom (not on site). This call typically covers topics ranging from yard slopes and elevations for patios and plantings to privacy concerns and landscape expectations for easier care. From there, the customer either garners inspiration to get started on their own, or Trio will put together a landscape plan, stop by the property for on-site measurements, and lastly, present the final plan via Zoom. “We can pull up resources in real time and go over any and all details during this final meeting,” says Grundeen.

Then comes the fun part—using the plan to order materials and any accessories the customer might want (eg, pergola, lighting), followed by installation. This is where patience is most needed, as scheduling installation is farther out than what people are accustomed to. Trio is currently working through projects that were solidified in early fall 2021.

“Drought conditions, increased demand, and shortages have created a universal backlog in the region,” Grundeen says. “Plus, the long winter impacted our spring schedule, pushing us further into May and June than what’s normal.” The key takeaway? Schedule your consultation and design meeting as soon as possible, and you’re likely looking at a spring or summer 2023 installation date.

If you’re simply looking for a design consultation, that’s an option, too—and less restrictive. Grundeen is passionate about encouraging customers to think beyond what was traditionally imagined for a yard or yardscape. “A yard can be so much more than just lawn,” she says. “Everything needs care—whether that’s mowing grass or planting more plants for pollinators. There are so many alternatives to create intentional lawns.”

outdoor kitchen by Trio Landscaping

Grundeen’s team has grown with the business, factoring in the changing times when it comes to renovating and reinvigorating outdoor living for their customers. They want families to truly enjoy their outdoor space based on their needs, wants, lifestyle, and hobbies. Take for example a recently completed project where the customer was a self-proclaimed grill fanatic. The end result? A beautiful outdoor kitchen space with ample room for multiple grills, including smokers, gas, and charcoal, where the customer can easily interchange those pieces. Grundeen adds, “I love helping someone reimagine how they’re living and how they can truly enjoy their space.”

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