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Glendale Water & Power installs drought-tolerant landscaping, offers money-saving programs to customers – kechambers

Glendale Water & Power installs drought-tolerant landscaping, offers money-saving programs to customers

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) — Glendale water and power is offering new ways for customers to save on their water bill while adjusting to the ongoing drought in California.

The city has moved to watering only two days a week instead of three, and its new water insight automated leak detection program helps customers determine if they have a leak — and helps them save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Really, the big savings are going to come now during the summer, because that’s when most of the water gets used for irrigation,” said Michael Deghetto, the utility’s chief assistant general manager for water, told ABC7.

Glendale Water & Power is offering a $500 rebate to customers who install a greywater system at their home, which takes used laundry water and reuses it.

“It’s a way to divert water from your washing machine cycle to a planter,” Deghetto explained.

He also says changing residential grass or turf yard into drought-resistant shrubs can considerably lower customers’ bills.

“One way to have a big impact is to change your yard and put In plants that don’t take as much water,” Deghetto said. “At the facility we’re at here, we changed the landscaping from grass and turf to this drought-tolerant type of landscaping and we’re saving like 80%.”

Deghetto says that as the drought continues it will be important for residents to ensure their home is drought-resistant.

“If you haven’t put in the drought-tolerant landscaping, it might be time to really think about that,” he said. “Because this sort of shortage is probably going to happen more frequently now, just because of climate change, so it’s a good time to maybe redo your yard and have it so it looks good with just the natural precipitation.”

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