Malaga – Costa del Sol | Estepona opens striking new seafront landscaping scheme

The completed first phase of the work is now open to the public. / Sur

The town hall has completed the first phase of the 1.5m euro project which includes the pedestrianization of Avenida de España

Estepona council has completed work on the first phase of the 1.5-million-euro project for the comprehensive remodeling and pedestrianization of Avenida de España along the seafront.

The work has been concentrated on the busiest stretch between the roundabout on Avenida Carlos I and Calle Terraza.

The scheme’s master plan is to join the old town and the center of its economic and social activity with the seafront promenade and beach activities.

The new space, says the plan, will become an area of ​​transition between the two zones with quieter space where nature predominates and which is open to pedestrians.

The town’s mayor, José María García Urbano, explained, “This pioneering initiative places Estepona at the forefront of sustainable towns which are committed to quality of life, the well-being of residents, the environment and creating open spaces for pedestrians.”

Redesigning the old area has led to the creation of a pedestrian boulevard surrounded by planters, covering a total area of ​​5,286 square metres. Although the walk is mainly intended for pedestrian use, it also allows for a cycle lane and access for emergency vehicles.

Special emphasis has been placed on the elimination of physical barriers to help create an inclusive town.

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