Landscaping: Natural Aesthetic Landlords Use to Double Rent & Property Prices

Landscape designing which involves planting strategic plants and flowers, adds aesthetic appeal and increases land valuation.

According to real estate experts, properly beautified homes attract higher prices from prospective buyers. In most cases, the price doubles, making a property even more attractive.

“Some landlords even tend to increase rental prices after carrying out proper beautification programs,” Green Valley indicated on its website.

The whole landscaping process involves face-lifting the property making the outdoors habitable that are commonly used for entertainment, gardening, parties, relaxing, occasional picnics, and play by most households.

Different plants in a home garden during the beautification programme

Different plants in a home garden during the beautification programme.

Green Valley

Landscaping ideation starts immediately after acquiring the architectural designs.

Factors to Consider Before Landscaping

Climate Analysis

A thorough study of the site’s climate is necessary since the survival of vegetation in the area completely depends upon it.

Soil Type

It is also essential for one to carry out proper soil analysis to establish which plants will thrive in the area.

Using Existing Plants

Recognizing which plants can be incorporated into the landscape is also important. Some existing plants act as buffers to new plants, helping them grow without destruction.

Future of the Landscape

Landowners are also encouraged to conceptualise how landscape design will look in the future.

“For example, consider the scenario of choosing a certain landscape design for its spacious structure and easy access to every corner of the yard.

But the plants and saplings of your choice are likely to grow up into huge trees in a few years; Thus, the primary purpose of choosing the landscape design is rendered futile after,” Green Valley stated.

An apartment block in Karen Estate, Nairobi.

An apartment block in Karen Estate, Nairobi.


maintenance costs

According to former model Emma Too, maintenance is critical to consider before landscaping. Proper choice of plants helps landowners to approximate the maintenance costs.

“Maintenance is the most important aspect of landscaping, it’s expensive, but it’s an investment that pays off in the long team. Hence the choice of type of plants and grass is important to reduce the cost, people give up when it becomes expensive. Plan for low maintenance scapes,” Too explained.

Spicing up the outdoors with swimming pools and other facilities also increases land valuation, making owners hike purchasing prices.

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