Landscaping experts say it’s time to start thinking about blowing out your sprinklers before they freeze

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — As we are now officially into the Fall season, that means it’s time to blow out your sprinklers.

Kimberly Nurseries says it is important to blow out your sprinklers before it gets below freezing for multiple days, which can cause any left-over water in your pipes to freeze.

This freezing can cause you more trouble in the spring when you go to turn them on.

They say it is good to have this done by December.

“So just a few nights of freezing temperatures aren’t going to cause problems with your system, it needs to have sustained freezing temperatures for a long period of time to freeze deep enough into the ground to cause problems with your sprinklers,” said John Williams, GM of Kimberly Nurseries.

He also says that if you have above ground pipes, you can wrap those with a warm blanket until the company can come out and winterize your system.

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