Pruning & tree services keeping Ozarks landscaping companies busy

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The wet spring & mainly dry summer across the Ozarks has had varying impacts on area trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants. However, the end result is all the same. It’s keeping local landscaping and tree companies busy as we continue through the fall season.

Noel Boyer, owner and arborist for All About Trees in Springfield, says his phone keeps ringing from homeowners requesting their landscaping services.

“The phone just kind of rings every day with some people needing some pruning work done,” says Boyer. “Some people want to take down some trees that have died over this last year. Some have no idea what they want to do and are really looking for recommendations to take care of their trees.”

Now that many trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants are turning dormant and will continue to do so through the rest of the fall, Boyer says that his company and homeowners are now in a reasonable period to tend to prune jobs.

“Everybody’s outdoor landscaping perennials are kind of starting to wither away,” Boyer states. “A lot of folks will go ahead and dead-head that in preps for the winter. When it comes to shrub trimming, it’s fine to go ahead and tidy up your shrubs before we get into the dead of the winter.”

He does make an important point about flowering shrubs, though.

“There are some flowering shrubs that you have to be careful that you prune them just before they flower or after they flower,” Boyer advises. Since that varies between species, proper research will dictate when the ideal time for pruning will come.

When it comes to trees, Boyer says that the time of the year doesn’t matter if homeowners are looking to have a tree or trees removed. When it comes to tree pruning, Boyer does make an exception for a couple of species of trees.

“Oaks – we always like to do in the fall and winter,” says Boyer. “We don’t like to prune oak trees in the summer because of oak wilt. It makes them more susceptible if you prune them at that time because that’s when the insect that carries the disease is active.”

He makes another exception for the remaining American Elm trees.

“If you prune them in the summertime, that makes them more susceptible to getting Dutch Elm Disease,” Boyer says.

Boyer encourages homeowners to give it a go for any small jobs or typical pruning or some tree limbs, shrubs, bushes, and flowers.

“Careful pruning can be done by homeowners all the time,” Boyer says. “Make sure you have the right tools, and you can check out a book or look up how to prune your shrubs and trees.”

He states that simple jobs of removing any small dead tree limbs, pruning, or delicate work can be done with something as simple as pruning shears, a tiny handsaw, or even a pair of loppers. For jobs that become too big for homeowners to handle, Boyer encourages homeowners to give the professionals a call. Homeowners are advised to get multiple estimates for the job and to research the companies they are seeking to ensure they are reputable and properly insured and have an arborist on staff to ensure the company knows how to properly handle any landscaping jobs.

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