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Kineowatha park to undergo more landscaping work before winter – kechambers

Kineowatha park to undergo more landscaping work before winter

WILTON — A proposal to do more landscaping work at Kineowatha Park was approved at the Wilton Selectperson meeting Tuesday, Oct 18. The project will involve the removal of several dead trees, leaves, and any other debris at the front of the park.

Recreation Department Director Frank Donald made the proposal at the meeting, stating that public reception was positive for previous landscaping projects. The work in question will be in the front part facing High Street on the right hand side of the entrance. Work had been done previously in the area to the left of the entrance and Donald wants to replicate that work. His reasoning for the proposal was that it aesthetically looked better and was safer, as he reported branches and tree limbs had fallen into the road.

The section of Kineowatha park approved by Wilton’s board of selectmen on Tuesday, Oct 18, to be cleaned up. Brian Ponce/Franklin Journal

Based on Donald’s assessment, the project cost would come to $3,500. He elected to use funds from the Bjorn donation that was received last year. More than half of the $100,000 donation from Judith Bjorn is still available for parks and recreation projects, but Donald believes there won’t be any more major projects done to the park until spring 2023 at the earliest.

The Bjorn donation has already been used to renovate the park’s basketball courts as well as fund the construction of a pavilion in time for the blueberry festival.

The board of selectmen voted unanimously to have the funds withdrawn for the project. Though no new projects are on the horizon for Kineowatha Park, Donald welcomes any community input or suggestions for the Wilton Parks and Recreation Department, which can be sent to [email protected] or their Facebook page.

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