How to Prepare Your Yard for Lawn Aeration and Overseed This Fall

It’s almost that time of year again when lawns in Omaha need to be aerated and overseeded. With the cooler temps that September and October bring, Fall is the perfect time! Every summer, lawns struggled with the complex weather conditions of Nebraska such as high humidity, high temperatures, and wet and/or dry conditions. EcoScapes is the local lawn aeration and overseeding authority. The following are a few tips that will help prepare your yard for lawn aeration and overseed service.

Lawn mowing

Grass should be mowed to a height of 2 to 2.5 inches before lawn aeration and overseeding. It is recommended to begin shortening your lawn over a span of a few weeks to avoid cutting too much at once and potentially causing damage to the grass blades. This is required in order to optimize seed-to-soil contact during the overseeding process. This is a crucial aspect of germination success. This will also give the young seedlings time to develop for a few weeks before mowing is required.


Core aerators are the best to use for lawn aeration in Omaha. When aerating lawns, it is best to use core aerators. They carry a lot of weight in the front of the machines to help them extract a deep plug from the ground. Watering the yard the day before or even 2 days before, depending on the weather, will help to ensure that the plug is pulled to the maximum depth. The ground should be damp, but the grass should be dry the day of the service. The equipment can cause tearing and damage to the lawn if it is too wet. Watering before the service is especially important in clay-ridden and compacted soil locations.

Marking Sprinkler Heads and Obstacles

The metal tines of the aerator will destroy any obstructions up to 3.5 inches below or at grade. Irrigation heads, valve box covers, drainage pipes, shallow electrical wires, and/or other sub-surface items should all be identified. The ideal tool for marking is wire flags, which can be found at hardware stores and should be placed immediately on top of the object.

The lawn aeration service can simply navigate around obstacles if the operator can see the flag and plan his course ahead of time. To allow the operators to properly aerate the yard without having to stop and relocate the things, lawn furniture, children’s toys, and other moveable objects should be removed from the lawn.

The aeration and overseeding process will go well if you follow these basic guidelines. Core aeration and over-seeding will substantially improve your lawn.

EcoScapes is a locally owned and operated professional lawn care company that specializes in lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration and seeding, as well as lawn mowing and lawn dethatching. Our plans are tailored to your Omaha lawn and include all of the nutrients you’ll need throughout the year. Give us a call at 402-671-0453 to schedule your lawn aeration near me for your lawn.

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