Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm Offers Residential Landscaping Services in Clermont, FL

Clermont, FL – (NewMediaWire) – October 04, 2022 – Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm offers exclusive landscaping services, helping clients create beautiful spaces and retain the home’s value. Depending on what the homeowner wants to achieve with their outdoor space, they can request a free estimation and consultation from the landscape designer. The client and the landscaping company also discuss project timelines and other small (but important) details.

The first step to giving the outdoors a facelift is site analysis. Some key elements of the landscapers Clermont study are the property’s existing features, structures, drainage, and land formation. After review, the full-service landscaping design and installation team prepares a detailed report highlighting including prices the design costs.

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm has designed timeless structures for clients in the past two decades, thanks to its highly trained and experienced design team. Whether the homeowner has no idea where to start or has a clear vision of what they want to achieve with their landscape, the company offers personalized assistance. The team may recommend some add-ons to the homeowner’s dream design to match the existing structures and ensure the installation remains within their budget and style.

Besides designing and planning, Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm installs a range of outdoor features. One of the offerings is installing a fire structure to add value to the property, ambiance, aesthetics, and warmth. The outdoor fireplace can further give the home character and create a natural gathering point. Regardless of the project specifics, the team advises the client on materials to use, the ideal design based on the home exterior design, and other finer details. They also remain in contact with the homeowner throughout the process and answer questions they may have regarding the new fireplace.

Homeowners interested in installing stonework and pavers on their outdoor space can also get assistance from the Florida-based team. Whether they want interlocking brick pavers, granite flagstone, or other stonework designs, the Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm helps them decide and install the hardscape professionally. Apart from homeowners, commercial clients interested in giving their property a facelift through stonework can contact the experienced team for personalized assistance from choosing materials to installation.

In addition, the company specializes in building other elements to complement the property’s outdoor design and structures. They build pergolas, retaining walls, bespoke patios, tiered planters, and fences. As one of the most vocal advocates of customized homes, the team involves the homeowners to understand their dream landscape build, choice of materials, and other minor aspects. With its policy of polishing up on clients’ ideas, the landscaping company has assisted hundreds of clients in personalizing their homes in Florida.

The company installs outdoor lighting to improve a property’s curb appeal and highlight some architectural features and help enhance a family and property’s safety. To achieve the three, the experienced landscaping crew uses quality cables, modern technology in the installation process, and high-quality fixtures. The skilled technicians assist the homeowner in choosing the correct light fixtures and technology (such as the ability to switch on and off the lighting system), ensuring every bulb works.

When speaking about the residential landscaping services, one client noted: “Wow! They were fantastic. I had a lot of mixed thoughts about what I wanted in my landscape design, including a pond to collect runoff from a steep slope in the backyard. They listened and helped me clarify what I wanted. They were able to come up with helpful suggestions for how to deal with slopes. They are so knowledgeable about plant selection; everything just fell into place.”

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm has a wholesale plant nursery. They grow beautiful plants for professionals interested in quality and affordable plants. In the 23 acres of land, the company grows a wide range of plants, such as grasses, woody plants, and shrubs. With the help of experienced growers, they have also invested resources in research and growing more variety, giving professionals and business owners more options.

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm is located at 20525 County Road 561, Clermont, Florida, 34715, US. Residential clients interested in landscaping services can contact the company at (352) 394-3318. Visit the website for more information.

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