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Greenway works to take landscaping to another level – kechambers

Greenway works to take landscaping to another level

Scott Lawn, owner of Greenway Irrigation, Lawns and Landscape, says he loves his job partly because he can be creative every day.

Using plants, sod, artificial turf and pavers, Lawn aims to create a dream front or back yard for clients.

“It really is just on an endless canvas,” he said. “We get to make beautiful landscapes every day.”

Greenway offers hardscaping (pavers, rock, concrete, etc.) and softscaping (plants and grass), artificial lawns and reconditioning for existing lawns. It also supplies personal consultations for clients on how to repair and enhance their landscaping.

Lawn, who has lived in Rancho Bernardo for 38 years, owns and operates the Rancho Bernardo- and Escondido-based business with his son, Alex.

When Alex Lawn was a child, he followed his dad around with construction toys as he worked.

“It was just a natural transition,” Scott Lawn said about working with his son.

“In our case, it worked out wonderfully,” he said. “It’s what he’s going to do for the rest of his life and obviously what I’m doing.”

The Lawns have been renovating their Escondido office to be a showroom for their offerings.

There’s even a putting green in the backyard – something they have done for several golf professionals.

“We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of them,” Scott Lawn said.

The front of the office is designed with pavers or brick ground covering. The pavers — which can be used for driveways, patios and backyards — are available in a “myriad of colors and textures,” Lawn said. The cost has come down on the pavers so they’re on par with “blah” concrete, he added.

“It just looks neater,” he said.

Lawn put in artificial turf at his home about 25 years ago when it was a novelty. He wasn’t a big fan at first.

“Now I’m a big proponent,” he said. “The turf we use today is light-years from what anyone thought five or six years ago.”

Greenway has seen a resurgence in interest in lawns and sod, he said. Irrigation and fertilization are keys for natural lawns, and having a professional in charge is vital, he added.

“It really is just on an endless canvas. We get to make beautiful landscapes every day.”

— Scott Lawn, owner of Greenway Irrigation, Lawns and Landscape

Most of the problems Lawn sees in clients’ yards are caused by improper watering and fertilization.

“Most people forget that plants need to eat on a regular basis, just like we do,” he said.

Greenway recommends encapsulated fertilizer, which feeds for up to three months. In the past, fertilizer lasted only a week.

Some plants, such as palms, need special fertilizers, Lawn said.

The encapsulated fertilizer, which is available in annual plans four times a year, is customized to a client’s landscape needs. Greenway uses an “enhanced efficiency fertilizer,” which Lawn said was developed in the past couple of years and is designed to be a slow-time-release fertilizer.

Greenway provides an annual lawn plan and a one-time or spring starter fertilizing visit. Workers do a nine-point inspection of the property to look for problem spots before starting a regimen.

Fertilization and watering go hand in hand, Lawn said. When a plant is fertilized and well-fed, it doesn’t need as much water, he said. “It can reduce water use by 50 percent.”

Aside from their business, the Lawns have served on the boards of the Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation and Rancho Bernardo Business Association. They also are members of the RB Noon Rotary.

Both also have served as honorary mayors of Rancho Bernardo, the first father-son duo to do that.

In addition, Scott Lawn is a member of the Rancho Bernardo Hall of Fame and now serves as its vice president. He was inducted for his community service, he said.

To learn more about Greenway Irrigation, Lawns and Landscape, call (858) 486-8277, email or visit

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