Greene Early College students start landscaping business

Greene Early College super seniors Christian Gonzalez and Randy Villigran took a leap of confidence in the fall of 2019. After working and gaining experience with a reputable landscaping company in the summer of 2019, these two young men ventured out on their own in the fall. They pooled their own money on startup costs for a lawn / garden maintenance company, Green Coast Landscape. As more and more work opportunities became available, more and more materials and tools were needed. So they kept investing the money they had made from their work and buying the tools and supplies they needed. When asked if Early College had helped their business grow, both were quick to stress the need and expectation of meeting a deadline and the math skills they had acquired in managing their income and expenses. A prime example of math skills learned is measuring to determine the amount of mulch needed. Although they rely on word of mouth to grow their business, the technical skills learned at GEC have helped. They both giggled as they remembered their ninth grade English teacher Emily Garris, who taught them how to make iMovies that they use on their Facebook page and Instagram. There are plans to create their own website to demonstrate their skills. According to Christian and Randy, the best part of the job is having a happy, smiling customer upon completion of a job.

After graduating with an LCC Associate Degree and a High School Diploma in Spring 2021, they plan to continue in business. In addition, both have completed basic welding certification by LCC. Christian will also be studying at East Carolina University to study the information and technology field.

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