Sparta Rotterdam aiming to get rid of artificial grass

Sparta Rotterdam hopes to switch from artificial turf to real grass in the long term.

Sparta Rotterdam is currently one of three teams in the Eredivisie, alongside Heracles Almelo and Emmen, that play on artificial turf.

However, the chairman Leo Ruijs has informed RTV Rijnmond that the intention is to switch to real grass and renovate the Het Kasteel stadium: “In order to be able to stay longer in the Eredivisie in the long term, we have to raise the stadium to a higher level, to generate more sales.

“To get there, we have to get on the grass and establish professional football in Nieuw Terbregge.”

Ruijs believes that real weed will be a requirement for all Eredivisie clubs at some point. “I think the Eredivisie CV will make it part of the licensing requirements. I think it is inevitable that we will play on grass. We want it and so do our supporters. “

Switching to grass will also help Sparta attract better players: “At first there was a really good reason why we chose artificial turf. That was a financial story. But now you have these licensing requirements in mind. Plus: It also limits you when you look at the potential player market for Sparta. We’re missing some players due to artificial turf. That is an additional reason. “

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