Creative Roots Landscaping gives Ethel House new backyard – Kelowna News

Photo: Brayden Ursel

Ethel House, a non-profit organization that provides long term housing for locals who need assistance, got an upgraded to its backyard with a new garden Saturday, thanks to the Yard Angels of Creative Roots Landscaping.

Ethel House manager Carole Jacobs says the gardens will help give the residents a sense of responsibility while also helping spruce up a yard that wasn’t much to look at before this.

“It’s been an incredible blessing for them to be gifted this. They spend a lot of time out here, especially in the summers… it’s been covered in weeds with no care given, so this will give them an opportunity to take care of it themselves and give them something to do on a daily basis,” said Jacobs.

“It’s a peaceful place for them to come. This is their home, they don’t really have anything. They don’t go out into the community, so they pretty much stay around here, so just having something to relax.”

Thirteen workers broke ground at 7:30 am Saturday and didn’t wrap up until about 4:00 pm

Colette Kinderdyk, part owner of Creative Roots Landscaping, said the project involved excavating and removal of 1,000 square feet of weeds, rocks and debris. This was followed by the installation of soil, turf, crushed rock path, landscape fabric, edging, shrubs and irrigation.

“It’s a feeling of impact. It feels really good, it’s really heart-warming. To meet the people who are residents here, and also running this facility… to know we are helping out and it’s just fantastic,” smiled Kinderdyk.

Creative Roots Landscaping tells Castanet the Yard Angel program is a big part of their GiveBack initiative, where they’ve raised over $140,000 while giving employees a voice in their workplace and a positive relationship with their community.

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