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How to clean artificial grass in four easy steps – kechambers

How to clean artificial grass in four easy steps

ARTIFICIAL GRASS is an option for homes that people who are constantly busy living in it and don’t have time to keep up to date with garden maintenance.

However, for it to look fresh all year round, one has to find some time to clean it every now and then.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning your artificial grass


Do not use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning your artificial grassCredit: Getty

How to clean artificial grass

It’s recommended that you clean your artificial grass once a week in Autumn and find time to clean it once a month for the rest of the year.

Here, we will give you four easy steps on how you can clean and make sure your artificial grass looks as fresh as ever.

Brush the grass

Use a broom or a plastic rake to brush your grass and maintain its effect.

Do not use a metal rake or else it might damage your turf.

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If someone left some heavy marks on the grass, then brush against the grain and it’ll get a spruced-up look eventually.

To brush your lawn, start in one corner and then work your way across to the side, tackling all the strips.

In other words, pretend that you’re mowing your lawn.

Remove any leaves

Use a leaf blower to get rid of any leaves and debris.

It would be easier to blow it all off into one corner so that then you can collect it at one go using a dustpan and brush.

This helps to prevent any weeds from growing on your turf, and if you have time to do this more than once a month, it is highly recommended.

Remove weeds

Use a water-based moss and weed remover that has a pH balance of eight.

Apply it to your areas where weeds and moss that grew and once they die off remove them along with the leaves and debris collected earlier.

Fill in with sand

Scatter some sand across your turf and brush it in using a broom.

Make sure to distribute evenly over your lowan and do not leave any excess.

Leave it for two hours before you walk over the artificial grass again.

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Can I clean artificial grass with a vacuum cleaner?

You shouldn’t use a vacuum cleaner over your artificial grass.

A vacuum cleaner can suck in the sand from the grass area and damage your turf.

Cleaning hacks and tips

Here are some tips to help you clean your home like a pro:

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