Bergman Nurseries closes garden center to focuses on landscaping, irrigation

QUINCY (WGEM) – Bergman Nurseries announced Tuesday it was closing its garden center to focus on landscaping and irrigation services.

Todd and Trevor Friye, Co-Owners said “While we are not going out of business, this was the hardest decision we have ever made during our 24 years of owning Bergman Nurseries.”

Todd Friye stated the reorganization was effective immediately.

Todd added, in addition to landscape and irrigation services, Bergman Nurseries will continue to offer services like small plantings, design services and deliveries of topsoil, rock and mulch.

Todd stated, they will also honor all 2022 plant warranties and all gift cards can still be used for landscaping or irrigation products or services or they will issue a full refund.

“The age of the greenhouse and staffing are the primary reasons for the closure. The original greenhouse was built in 1940 and needs a complete rebuild. Due to current regulations like ADA Compliance and others, rebuilding has become cost prohibitive,” Todd stated. “Additionally, the loss of 2 key employees made this a necessary move. John Nieders, Greenhouse Grower/Manager is retiring after 50 years in the Green Industry, over 20 years of that with Bergmans. Keith Klusmeyer, Landscape Designer has taken a position with a national Green Industry company after 29 years at Bergman Nurseries.”

Todd explained it would be impossible to replace the knowledge that John and Keith had. He said it takes years of industry experience to be able to answer the broad range of questions customers have in the garden center.

“While this will be a big change for Bergman Nurseries and many of [its] customers,” Todd said, “we have always focused on quality and caring for our customers and this change will allow us to do a better job on both of those fronts.”

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