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why artificial turf is better than grass? – kechambers

why artificial turf is better than grass?

As the process of manufacturing artificial turf increases day by day, it continuously improves while global warming fears make justifiable landscaping even more dynamic, the debate about artificial grass vs real grass is more immediate than ever.
No doubt there is a clear difference between these types of grass, and these differences make them worth buying. To get a clearer picture of artificial grass and real grass lawns we have to make an analysis of them to differ in their quality and features. For the difference, we have some points to judge them.

To start the debate about real grass and artificial grass difference we will separately discuss them for a clearer concept.
Real grass maintenance
• Real grass lawns or natural grass lawns required more care, time, money, and maintenance to build and grow a healthy garden.
• The real grass required mowing, weeding, fertilizing, watering, and seeding to grow a healthy garden.
• We can grow plants in natural grass to increase the beautification of our lawns. But still, it takes too much effort, care, and time.
• Natural grass needs to be raked, blown or washed down regularly to get rid of leaves, dust, pet odors, stains, etc.
• For real grass we have to spend a lot of money on a gardener, fertilizers, and for seeds.
Artificial grass maintenance
• Artificial Grass lawns don’t require special care to maintain the greenery of the lawn because of their nature.
• Artificial Grass is a one-time investment because after Installing it you don’t want to change. We can also save money that we spend on gardeners, fertilizers, and seeds.
• Artificial Lawns still required cleanup from the litter and may be subject to moss algae growth, which can be a tireless cleaning job but still it’s better than real grass because its odor makes the indoor house muddy.
• Artificial grass doesn’t need to mowing.

The Perfect Lawn
2222 Empire Central, Dallas, TX 75235

The Perfect Lawn is providing clean, safe, and low-maintenance landscapes in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Cities throughout North Texas. Our purpose is to provide the best value in creating beautiful outdoor environments. Artificial grass makes any landscape come alive.

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