Villagers disappointed in lack of luster in landscaping south of State Road 44

Villagers who have purchased new homes remain disappointed in the lack of luster in landscaping south of State Road 44.

Community Development District 13 residents were stunned by a recent 6 percent maintenance assessment hike. Residents of Chitty Chatty, Bradford, Citrus Springs, St Catherine, Hawkins and other villages packed the CDD 13 Board of Supervisors meeting last month at Everglades Recreation Center. At that meeting, many residents of CDD 13 commented on the lack of “beauty” south of State Road 44 in comparison to their neighbors to the north.

About 77 percent of the homes have been sold in CDD 13. About 85 percent of the landscaping has been put in, according to the landscape architect.

Landscapers were putting in palm trees in Community Development District 13.

Take a drive south of State Road 44 and you’ll notice there are fewer flowers and more Florida Friendly, drought-resistance plants. More rock and stone have been integrated into the landscaping.

It’s the Developer’s recognition that water is a precious resource and a healthy environment requires fewer non-native flowers and more plants considered Florida Friendly.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping means using low-maintenance plants and environmentally sustainable practices, including water conservation as well as reducing fertilization and pest control needs. Generally, the use of flowering plants increases water usage, fertilization and pest control needs.

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