Villager receives bill for $500 in fines for artificial turf grass at her home 

A villager was fined $ 500 for artificial turf at her home.

The bill sent to Shirley Schwartz of Edgewater Bungalows includes a 10 day fine worth $ 50 for violating the act. The fines will continue to pile up at $ 50 per day.

Earlier this year Schwartz appeared before the 6th Community Development District Supervisory Board in a public hearing to save the artificial turf grass she was using without the blessing of the Architectural Review Committee. The CDD 6 board voted 5-0 and ordered her to remove the artificial turf and replace it with turf.

A homeowner at Edgewater Bungalows was looking for a policy change to allow this artificial turf in her home.

Schwartz’s house at 1139 Edgewater Lane has become a popular attraction due to the public relations work surrounding the artificial turf. People stopped by to compliment Schwartz’s artificial turf grass, which cost $ 4,000 to install.

The ARC also turned down Schwartz’s backup plan, dumping white gravel. She was told to take out the artificial turf and replace it with grass. She pointed to other houses in the Edgewater Bungalows and near Creekside Landing, where homeowners were allowed to lay stones. She said it seemed like her refusal from Stein was a “punishment”.

She also tried to convince the ARC that the lawn could be used as a putting green.

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