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Villager considers converting embattled artificial turf into putting green – kechambers

Villager considers converting embattled artificial turf into putting green

A villager ordered to remove her $ 4,000 worth of artificial turf grass is considering converting it to a putting green.

Shirley Schwartz, who lives at 1139 Edgewater Lane near the entrance to Edgewater Bungalows on Lake Sumter Landing, said she was helped by community support for the artificial turf grass she installed for environmental reasons.

Last month, Schwartz appeared in a public hearing before the Supervisory Board of Community Development District 6 to save the artificial turf grass. The CDD 6 board voted 5-0 and ordered her to remove the artificial turf and replace it with turf within 45 days. If she fails to do so, she will be fined $ 150, followed by a fine of $ 50 per day until the property is brought back into line. The deadline is approaching.

This turfgrass was laid at Shirley Schwartz’s Edgewater Bungalows.

Schwartz said she had received encouragement from the many passing villagers to examine the artificial turf grass.

The parade of cars, golf carts, bicycles, and hikers that drive past my house every day shows the community’s interest, ”she said.

A gentleman left a note suggesting converting it to a putting green.

I immediately applied to District 6 because of my request for a putting green with an attached property plan. District 6 responded and requested more information with specifications to be more specific. I am in the process of receiving a detailed property plan from the county, ”she said.

Schwartz added that she hopes every CDD 6 supervisor will drop by and take a look at the artificial turf grass.

“Hopefully only one flag is needed and I can keep the turf grass and this episode will be over,” she said.

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