Vellano residents to pay 8 percent more for landscaping | News

Homeowners in the Vellano Country Club development in Chino Hills will see an 8 percent annual increase in their lighting and landscape fees, from $1,196.12 to $1,291.81.

The $95.69 increase per year will cover rising maintenance costs in the Vellano landscaping and lighting district, city officials said.

Vellano is located at the end of Woodview Road, west of Peyton Drive.

Unlike other lighting and landscape districts in Chino Hills, the Vellano district was set up to allow for reasonable increases and inflationary adjustments but cannot exceed the maximum assessment rates allowed in the foundation documents.

The council approved the increases during its annual public hearing July 12 that confirms lighting and landscape fees, street sweeping fees, and special maintenance areas.

The council must approve the levy every year for the city to collect the revenues.

The assessments appear on property tax bills.

There has been no change for Los Serranos residents who live in a lighting maintenance district. They will still pay $58.08 per year for streetlights.

When additional homes receive streetlights, they are added to the lighting district.

Fees for the 10 zones in the lighting and landscape district will remain the same. They have not gone up since 1997 because the city council cannot raise the fees without a protest mail-in vote under the rules of Prop. 218.

Residents in Butterfield Ranch pay $252 per year, residents in the Los Ranchos area pay $489 per year, residents in the Oaks and Green Valley area pay $281 per year, and homeowners in the Carriage Hills development in Carbon Canyon pay $358 per year.

Some of the older areas of the city, including Los Serranos, Glenmeade, and portions of Carbon Canyon do not pay lighting and landscape fees.

This fiscal year, the city will subsidize the lighting and landscape district to the tune of $3.5 million.

The residential street sweeping rates were kept at $12.10 per year, the same amount since the city’s incorporation in 1991, and road maintenance for Sleepy Hollow was kept at $42 per year for improved parcels.

The city is subsidizing street sweeping this fiscal year for approximately $60,000 or less.

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