Urgent Warning To Brits With Artificial Grass As Temperatures Could Soar To Over 40C

While the mercury might reach 40C in some parts of the country, astroturfs and artificial surfaces could feel like something closer to 60C.

Sharing some advice last summer, Aura Landscapes explained how small children or pets could suffer burns if they are not careful.

The firm posted a photo of thermometers showing how hot artificial turf can get, with real grass reaching 27.8C in the shade and 38.1C in the sun.

Conversely, the patch of fake grass reached 34.1C in the shade and an incredible 62.3C in the sun.

Brits with artificial grass have been urged to take care in the heat. Credit: Aura Landscapes

“We have been having a very hot summer in the UK and this has an impact on artificial grass,” the company wrote.

“In the picture below you can see just how hot the artificial (plastic) grass can get compared to natural turf. Please bear this in mind if you have children or pets.

“If the artificial grass is reaching these temperatures it can cause burns and can render itself un-usable in higher temperatures.”

And with temperatures soaring this week, the message has been doing the rounds once again on social media.

Posting the warning to the Mini First Aid group on Facebook, someone asked: “Did you know that the hot weather can have an impact on artificial grass?”

The warning has also been backed by another artificial grass company, Easigrass.

On its website, it says: “As with decking or patios exposed to direct sunlight, fake turf temperature can rise quickly and will not have the natural cooling effect we may be used to from a real grass lawn.

Artificial grass could get very hot today.  Credit: AlamyArtificial grass could get very hot today. Credit: Alamy

“However, there are many steps you can take to make sure your artificial lawn is a safe and comfortable area for you and your family to enjoy all year round.”

The company also said that not all artificial grass will reach the same kinds of temperatures, it can often depend on how it was installed and who by.

In order to make sure your fake turf is as safe as possible, it advises people to choose as light a shade as possible and perhaps having the grass placed in shaded area.

Easigrass also suggests investing in a sprinkler to help keep the grass cool in the heat.

If you’ve not got a sprinkler system, you can also use a hose to water your grass.

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