Ulch Mulch: Top-quality landscaping with a personal touch and attention to detail

If you need landscaping services at your home and want things done the right way, reach out to Drew Ulch, owner of Ulch Mulch.

The company goes the extra mile to do a great job and make sure each customer is satisfied, and its well-trained crews are “super detail-oriented,” Ulch says.

Founded by Ulch in 2019, Ulch Mulch offers a wide variety of services, including landscape installations, lawn and landscape maintenance, natural stone masonry, boulder walls and pavers, and grading and drainage.

“I feel like we do the best stone work in town,” says Ulch, a Vestavia Hills native and Vestavia Hills High School graduate.

Ulch keeps the company small, allowing him to provide customers with great service and a personal touch.

“I keep my crews small, and by doing that I can spend a lot of time onsite with my guys and have a good relationship with the customer,” he says. “We don’t get in and out really fast. It’s not like the bigger companies.

“My guys are diversified and really good in everything they do,” he says. “All of my employees take pride in their work.”

Ulch Mulch crews are also very clean, organized and respectful, unlike some contractors.

“A lot of people get lazy, so they don’t pressure wash driveways and gutters after a job or pick up trash at the end of the day,” he says. “It’s the little things we do that create a more enjoyable experience for the customers.”

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