Trending – Artificial Turf for Lawns

CHARLOTTE- In our travels around the Charlotte Region, our folks at Metrolina Mulch are beginning to take note that artificial turf, once only used for miniature golf and sports fields, is now being considered by homeowners for landscapes that are low maintenance and don’t take much water.

Before you rip out the sod and go synthetic there are things to consider.

Price – There is a significant cost to consider. Expect to pay $20-$30 per square foot. A 1000 sq ft lawn could cost $20K+.

Low maintenance – Mowing will go to zero. Removal of leaves and tree debris if trees are nearby will be necessary from time to time. Even fake grass may need to be raked from time to time with a special rake to make it look it’s best.

The Seams – If more than one roll is required there will be a place where the rolls meet just like carpet. Matching the seams is the toughest part of the installation.

It Looks Better – Your synthetic lawn will look perfect for at least 5 years.

infill – This product is used in the final step to weigh the artificial turf down and make it feel softer on your feet. Crumb rubber which was previously used but contains toxins is now being replaced with a ceramic coated sand which is toxin free.

drainage – You do not want water to be standing under your lawn. It will cause problems. Depending on the grade of your yard and how well your soil drains will dictate what additional drainage measures need to be taken such as a simple French drain.

colour – The deep green of a synthetic lawn is a beautiful thing. But eventually the color will fade. Look for products and installers that have at least a 10 year warranty.

Taking these points into consideration hopefully will help you decide on a traditional lawn or an artificial lawn.

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