Tourists flock to Four Seasons Total Landscaping after Giuliani debacle | Philadelphia

Once a long way off the beaten track in northeast Philadelphia, the snappy Four Seasons Total Landscaping has become fertile ground for selfie tourism since the November presidential election.

The commercial gardening company’s owner spoke of her “overwhelming” experience after the business fell into political disgrace as the backdrop for a bizarre Trump campaign press conference the day the president lost the election to Joe Biden.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Marie Siravo said the company, which provides a range of property maintenance services, has been besieged by visitors, gifts and even requests for weddings.

“Not a day goes by without a crowd outside,” said Siravo.

The nondescript office of Four Seasons Total Landscaping received international attention when Donald Trump’s election team hosted a press conference on the election results.

Rudy Giuliani was the main attraction at the event where he made unfounded allegations of fraud and learned during the event that Joe Biden had been declared the winner.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” was Giuliani’s reply, adding that the judges would decide the outcome, not the voters.

Since Giuliani’s Nov. 8 appearance, fans of Four Seasons Total Landscaping have reportedly been sending business cheesesteaks, gift cards, fruit baskets and even beard oil, Siravo said. And tourists have carried a trail to their door, posing and posting pictures of themselves on social media or parodies like the now-vanished metal monolith / desert waste from Utah that lies in front of the premises.

On Thanksgiving, two sisters met outside of Four Seasons Total Landscaping for their holiday dinner, Siravo said, while a woman brought her children to stage her Christmas card photo with the business as a backdrop.

Others have requested selfies with the company’s branded vehicles, and some, according to the investigator, have asked if they can hold a party or even a wedding at the company.

“This is a construction yard, it is a liability,” said Siravo dryly. However, press attention has resulted in a change.

“It got us to paint the back of the building because we said, ‘Who knew our garage doors would be the back of every Zoom meeting?'”

Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which is memorably next to a sex shop, quickly became the epitome of politicians’ incompetence and a source of hilarity after the press conference, amid speculation that the Trump campaign had mistaken the deal for the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Philadelphia.

I woke up early and was still laughing at Rudy Giuliani spitting bullshit on an industrial lot between a crematorium and a dildo shop after booking a press conference on the four seasons … wait for it … total landscaping. The incompetence of the Trumpists that this coda delivers. Magical.

– David Simon (@AoDespair) November 8, 2020

In nine months’ time, many girls will be named Georgia and Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

– Bess Kalb (@bessbell) November 8, 2020

Trump himself gave weight to the idea of ​​a false identity when he tweeted and then deleted that the press conference was being held in “Four Seasons, Philadelphia”.

However, Four Seasons Total Landscaping poured water on the theory.

“That’s not the case,” said Sean Middleton, director of sales.

“I gave you the address, I said where we were, where you can meet, and that’s it.”

Four Seasons Total Landscaping moved fast to take advantage of interest rates. The company expanded its product range to include tree ornaments, sweaters, hoodies and face masks.

The demand was high. The company reportedly sold more than 35,000 products for total sales of $ 1.3 million since Giuliani’s appearance.

“The response is overwhelming that there are still so many good people in the world and they have to laugh with it,” said Siravo.

“And it wasn’t what we expected.”

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