“Torn ACL’s Rejoice”: NFL World Up in Arms as MetLife Stadium Joins List of Artificial Turf Fields Amidst Rising Protests From Stars Like Antonio Brown, Patrick Mahomes and Cooper Kupp

The NFL is going through intense backlash over the turf debate. The NFLPA and several athletes are rallying against the use of artificial terrain. As the protest continues, MetLife Stadium is undergoing some changes. The venue is looking for renovations in the field. However, they are not taking the natural route. It led to the NFL Universe forming a united front against it on Twitter.


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The MetLife Stadium will undertake field changes after the current season is over. FieldTurf is currently being used at the venue. However, they are considering new synthetic floors rather than natural grass terrains. The stadium officials are reviewing proposed amendments from various vendors for the new artificial substrate.


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In recent times, numerous NFL athletes like Cooper Kupp and George Kittle voiced their opinion on Twitter. The Rams WR expressed all teams should play on grass and believe this problem needs a solution. The 49ers TE also tweeted about the need for the NFL to incorporate safer playing fields. Patrick Mahomes retweeted both athletes’ messages.

Field conditions impact everyone, from players to fans to coaches and GMs. No one wants to see players sidelined by injury because owners choose to save money over a bad field. #SaferFields @NFLPA @nfl

— George Kittle (@gkittle46) November 12, 2022

Antonio Brown also shared a tweet about artificial turfs and grass. It may look like the former NFL WR is in favor of the natural grass. However, Brown’s words may have a philosophical bent to them.


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The tweets came after NFLPA President JC Tretter wrote a lengthy column urging the league and owners to discontinue using slit film turf. He mentioned how it has led to an increase in the injuries that occur during games.

NFL Universe forms a cohesive front over MetLife Stadium’s floor revamp

After the MetLife Stadium’s revamp news gained momentum, the NFL fans on Twitter made their reactions. However, they do not look happy about it.

A user claimed that torn ACLs would rejoice in it.

Another user said all fields should be all grass.

All fields should be real grass period

— BengalsHead (5-4) (@BengalsHead) November 18, 2022

This user urged SoFi Stadium to be the next in line to make the changes.

Another user contested that if Green Bay can maintain grass in winter, they can do it everywhere else.

Just put in real damn grass. If grass can be maintained in Green Bay in the winter, it can be done anywhere else.

— Kelvin Torres (@kelvint423) November 18, 2022

Moreover, this user claimed grass is better on joints.

Bad idea grass is much better on joints

— Brad Reeves (@bearebel37) November 19, 2022

Another user contested the use of Artificial grass, as NFL can afford the maintenance.

Why not real grass tho? NFL is more than capable of affording the upkeep

— 𝐀𝐊 🖤 (@CantStopAK) November 19, 2022

Moreover, this user said that Odell Beckham Jr is not returning to the Giants after this news.


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Furthermore, this user sarcastically deemed replacing fake grass with fake grass as a great idea.

Replace the fake grass with fake grass, great idea

— Trent Attyah (@SamSepi16818312) November 19, 2022


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It is yet to see how beneficial the revamp turns out for football athletes.

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