TLC’s most popular landscaping stories from April 2020

As part of Total Landscape Care’s review of 2020, here are the ten most important stories in April.

10. Landscapers continue to work with “breakthrough” COVID-19

Photo: utopian landscapes

The daily operation of Landscaping company have changed significantly since the outbreak of for everyone across the country COVID-19 (Coronavirus)and for those still at work it was far from normal.

See how some landscapers have adjusted their work plans for COVID-19 and what they are doing to prepare their businesses for the months to come.

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9. Landscapers give customers something to look forward to during COVID-19

front terrace with hard elements and planted flowers and shrubs

Photo: Beth Presley / Total Landscape Care

Even if morale falls amid COVID-19 (coronavirus), there are still ways that landscapers can help improve the mood of their employees and their community.

Watch Brian Chapman, Fleet and Facilities Manager at Lambert Landscape Company in Dallas, Texas, and Scott Myatt, Owner of Myatt Landscaping Concepts in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, actively work to keep their employees feeling cared for for, as well as how they care for their communities.

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8.Landscapers Emphasize Employee Health and Safety During COVID-19

pink tulips and pansies in the front yard of the house

Photo: Myatt Landscaping

Landscapers continue to be exposed to the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on a daily basis and business operations are not getting any easier.

For Brian Chapman, Fleet and Facilities Manager for Lambert Landscape Company in Dallas, Texas, and Scott Myatt, owner of Myatt Landscaping Concepts in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, the show needs to go on, but like any operating company out there, you had to make some big changes.

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7. Public Relations: Landscapers give something back in uncertain times

Pansies are planted outside the emergency room

Photo: Farmside Landscaping & Design

The effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have spread widely, with many quarantined in their homes and numerous hospitalized.

During this time, landscapers across the country have begun looking for ways to give back to their communities and improve the mood not only of their customers, but also of healthcare workers and patients.

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6. Lawn Maintenance: The dirt on Kentucky Bluegrass

Close up of Kentucky Bluegrass

Probably one of the first types of Lawn grass The average homeowner might mention on the spot, Kentucky Bluegrass is a well known one Cool season grass that is popular for its color and texture.

Though Kentucky is in the name, this grass doesn’t come from there, it comes from Europe and North Asia. Kentucky bluegrass has the highest cold tolerance of any cool season grass and is a rich green color.

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5. Sign up: NALP is hosting an NCLC virtual event in response to coronavirus

Girl working on laptop in cafe

After this year’s cancellation National collegial landscape competition (NCLC) Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), attendees were given the opportunity to continue attending the event, but instead of meeting in person, the event was held online.

Originally scheduled for mid-March at Michigan State University (MSU), NCLC offers students, faculties, and green industry companies the opportunity to network and discuss career opportunities, as well as giving students the opportunity to participate in landscaping competitions.

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4. Adaptation to the new norm: Make the most of the temporary closure during COVID-19

Mulch installation in the front garden with cobblestone, small shrubs and small trees

Photo: Moccia Lawn and Landscape, Inc.

With the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, day-to-day operations for landscapers today are different and some companies have temporarily stopped physical work jobs due to their non-essential business status.

If you are currently experiencing a temporary shutdown in your physical operations, keep in mind that there are still numerous tasks left to complete in the meantime.

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3. Business as (un) usual: Daily operation amid coronavirus

Campus buildings and trees at the University of Mary Washington

Photo: The University of Mary Washington

Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, landscaping companies across the country have been taking stock of their current work situations to determine what is best for their business and employees.

Some companies have closed their doors voluntarily, while others have had to close temporarily due to government or local orders. However, many adjustments need to be made for those who are still on call for work.

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2. Is your landscaping company insured for losses related to COVID-19?

blank insurance form with pen on the table

You know, I’m surprised that more politicians aren’t getting out of insurance. The whole industry is characterized by giving vague answers that avoid answering your direct questions. This is not done out of malicious intent to confuse you, but rather to prevent you from receiving misleading or incorrect information.

The truth about insurance coverage is: it just depends. Insurance companies avoid giving specific answers unless they have priority from personal experience or the policy specifically says something about the situation in question. Due to this fact, your insurance agent remains in the limbo of wanting to provide you, the insured, with accurate and clear information, but is limited to what is available from the insurer.

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1. How the FFCRA and CARES Act can help landscapers keep operations going

Man holding blue clipboard with families first coronavirus response act

Numerous landscaping companies still struggle to keep their businesses going, although many are now considered an indispensable workforce. Now may be the time to look into programs like the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES).

Check out the qualifications of both acts and how they can benefit landscaping company owners during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

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