Thieves waltz away with trailer from Lincoln landscaping business

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Two thieves waddled off with a trailer from a Lincoln landscaping business back in November.

Lincoln Police are still searching for the culprits, who are seen in security video driving a Ford Explorer to the business near Sixth and Calvert Streets.

The video then shows the thieves pick up a trailer and pull it all the way back to their truck before taking off.

Police are also searching for a woman who stole about $2,000 from a clothing store near 13th and F Streets.

The theft happened on Jan. 9, according to Crime Stoppers.

Security footage shows the woman get behind the counter and grab cash from an unattended register.

Anyone with information on either case is asked to call Lincoln Police at 402-441-6000 or Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600.

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