The Best Ways To Protect Your Landscaping From Extreme Weather

While drought might not last forever, it will devastate your landscape plants if you fail to intervene. It goes without saying that there is no plant life without water; therefore, during the dry seasons, the only way to keep your landscape lush and green is by providing the plants with water. If you have an irrigation system, you must adjust the schedule depending on the season. Remember, as the temperatures increase outdoors, so does the needs of your lawn and plants.

According to South Dakota State University Extension, plants need up to 1½ inches of water every week, especially during the dry season. While no particular watering schedule fits every home, adjusting your watering schedules at least four times a year will go a long way in making up for the differences in water needs depending on the season. However, if providing the plants in your landscape with continuous and consistent water is not viable, consider investing in artificial turfs that will reduce your watering needs considerably.

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