Texas Drought Conditions Continue to Devastate the State, SYNLawn® Artificial Grass Offers a Promising Solution

Dallas, Aug 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The existing Texas water system has fundamental flaws that have lately surfaced, resulting in catastrophic water shortages and droughts that have harmed hundreds of thousands of Texans. Texas would need more than $80 billion in projects to meet future water demands and boost resilience, according to the state’s 2022 water plan. The question is, what can we do to preserve water? We replace the natural grass in Texas with synthetic grass. SYNLawn artificial grass is recyclable, plant-based, and it is the ONLY turf on the market to be USDA-certified.

According to the US Drought Monitor, Texas saw its worst early-June drought conditions since 2013. In addition, Southern High Plains, Trans PecosHill Country, and San Antonio Areas have been hit with severe conditions. More than 40% of the state is suffering from severe drought.

SYNLawn is the largest US manufacturer of artificial turf across the globe. In response, we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that our products give back to the environment. The large amount of water needed to keep our lawns beautiful, the toxic herbicides and chemical fertilizers we saturate them with, and the air pollutants released by mowers releasing into our air and lungs makes having a lawn a bit more unattractive. For this reason, we have dedicated more than 50 years of research and development to provide the safest, cleanest, and greenest sustainable artificial grass for residential and commercial applications.

Statistics show that nearly 70% of residential and commercial water usage is spent on maintaining a landscape. SYNLawn products provide ultra realism and qualities of genuine grass without the maintenance. Therefore, you will be able to save thousands of gallons of water each year, in addition to saving time and money on maintenance. The day SYNLawn artificial grass is installed in lieu of your landscape, your water costs on average can drop by up to 70%.

The exclusive features and technologies of SYNLawn synthetic grass work together with our eco-friendly benefits to result in one incredible environmental solution:

  • Super Yarn™ Technology
  • The plant based EnviroLoc+™ backing system
  • HeatBlock™ cooling technology
  • Optimal drainage
  • Made with recyclable materials including sugar cane and soybean oil

For more information about SYNLawn artificial grass, visit SYNLawn Texas to schedule a consultation or call 210-806-7593 today!


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