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SYNLawn® Artificial Grass Offers a Solution to Austin Drought Conditions – kechambers

SYNLawn® Artificial Grass Offers a Solution to Austin Drought Conditions

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fundamental flaws in Texas’ Present water system have lately surfaced, resulting in catastrophic water shortages and droughts that have affected hundreds of thousands of Texans. Texas will need more than $80 billion in water projects to meet future water demands and boost resilience, according to the state’s 2022 water plan. What can we do to conserve water, you may wonder? We encourage more and more residential and commercial properties to replace their lawns with austin artificial grass. SYNLawn artificial grass is the ONLY turf on the market to be USDA certified, recyclable, and made in the United States from plant-based materials derived from soy and sugar cane.

The Trans Pecos, Hill Country, Southern High Plains, and San Antonio regions have been severely impacted as a result of Texas drought conditions. According to the US Drought Monitor, this year Texas saw its worst early-June drought conditions since 2013. A devastating drought has impacted more than 40% of the state, costing crops and cattle billions of dollars.

ace Central Texas undergoes several variations of drought complications, we understand as the largest distributor of artificial grass, that we have a responsibility to create products that can aid in the prevention of further negative environmental impact. SYNLawn utilizes more than 50 years of research and development towards engineering environmentally safe products in our fully integrated, ISO 9001 Certified, 400,000 sf manufacturing facility located in Dalton, GA. This allows us to control the quality of our products as well as ensure that they meet environmental standards.

From the moment you install austin artificial grass into your landscape, you will begin to enjoy several money and resource savings. Research shows that nearly 70% of water usage is allocated towards maintaining a landscape or lawn, be it commercial or residential. With SYNLawn turf, our customers can see up to a 50% reduction in their monthly water bill. Each year, you can effortlessly conserve the water you are using on your landscaping, as well as the money spent on maintenance. Ultra-realistic artificial grass from SYNLawn does not require any of the traditional maintenance required of real grass, provides superior drainage, backed by a lifetime warranty and more!

For more information about SYNLawn artificial grass installation services, visit SYNLawn Austin to schedule a consultation today!


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