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Sponsor spotlight: 3 winter landscaping steps for a great spring lawn – kechambers

Sponsor spotlight: 3 winter landscaping steps for a great spring lawn

Photo courtesy Irons Brothers Construction

With winter’s arrival, homeowners may be thinking about storing their lawn tools and relaxing during the cold months ahead. But there are still a few things homeowners can do during the winter to help ensure a beautiful green lawn and garden once spring arrives.

1. Prep your lawn.
– Reduce the chance of snow mold by mowing your lawn 1 to 2 inches shorter than usual.
– Make sure your grass has access to as much sunlight, nutrients and water as possible by mulching leaves in your lawn down to dime-sized pieces — which can add cold-weather protection and nutrition — and picking up heavy branches, toys and outdoor furniture .
– Remove all weeds to prevent them from stealing valuable nutrients and water.
– Insulate soil, protect tender plants and conserve water by cleaning up dead plants and other debris from garden beds and mulching your garden area in the fall or early winter.
2. Prune your trees.
– Remove broken or decaying branches to increase light and air in the crown of the tree. This not only helps ensure stronger trees in the spring, but also protects against storm damage and falling limbs.
– Plan to prune when the weather is dry and mild and after trees have shed most of their leaves.
3. Get plants ready for spring indoors.
– Label containers when starting seeds indoors and be ready to move them into lighted areas once seedlings appear.
– Allow soil to dry between watering, and watch for yellow leaves, which may indicate your plants need less water.
– Position grown plants carefully near windows. Plants may wither if they receive too much sunlight, which has a lower trajectory during the winter.

You should also avoid walking on frozen areas of your lawn to reduce the chance of winter kill and be mindful when using ice melting salts to avoid damage to your lawn.

For more information on home maintenance and consumer tips, your local remodeler Irons Brothers Construction can help,

— By Joseph Irons, President Irons Brothers Construction, Inc.

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