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Ana Kasparian on her viral pro-choice video and why religion and politics should remain separate

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24 2022, social media quickly erupted, and a video of journalist Ana Kasparian’s impassioned pro-choice speech resurfaced. In the clip from 2018, Kasparian is talking with her co-host on The Young Turks, when he mentions the Bible’s stance on abortion. Visibly frustrated, Kasparian shoots back with her take on the role religion should play in reproductive rights. ‘I don’t care that you’re a Christian, I don’t care what the Bible says,’ Kasparian says in the viral video. “You do not get to dictate how I live my life based on your religion.” Today, Kasparian stands by the comments she made in 2018. She says that Americans are taught to fight for religious liberty, and she takes issue with a single belief system carrying so much weight in a political conversation. “What the religious text of one particular faith indicates does not apply to the rest of the population in a country that has Constitutional protections against church and state,” Kasparian tells Yahoo Life. “Once we get into the weeds of what the Bible permits, we’re allowing them to frame it as if their particular religion rules us all, and I’m sorry, our Constitution says the opposite of that.” “Even as an atheist, I support people of faith. I think that it’s an important part of their lives, an important part of their communities. And I would never in any way want to violate that.” After Roe v. Wade was overturned, Kasparian felt a range of emotions.”Once it really sunk in, I felt an overwhelming sense of rage, just this anger and rage, and also embarrassment on the international stage,” says Kasparian. “What we’re seeing with this rapid fire round of terrible rulings that chip away at our rights, that intentionally misinterpret what our constitution says — I think we’re in for a lot of pain and suffering unless we somehow persuade the Democratic party to grow a set and fight on behalf of the people who put them in this position of power to begin with.”

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