Residents support landscaping improvements to golf course frontage areas | News

Deer Ridge residents have offered tentative support for plans to fund and maintain landscape improvements on 14 frontal areas of the golf course that were forfeited when the nearby golf club closed in 2019.

Now the city guides have rejected the idea.

The city council unanimously approved the payment of $ 102,600 this week, kicking off the formal process that eventually asked residents whether they would be willing to pay between $ 70 and $ 90 a year for landscaping the area of ​​the city transfer.

Deer Ridge Golf Club, LP suspended maintenance of the course, including the 14 landscaped front areas, after the course closed in September 2019, which drew the ire of Deer Ridge residents.

“At $ 90 a year, that’s $ 7.50 a month you (Deer Ridge real estate owners) would pay for a facelift that would help increase their property values,” said Karen Rarey, councilor. “We owe it to them to be able to do this for them.”

The city’s move this week begins with a process that could potentially result in the second quarter of this year owners of Deer Ridge Subdivision properties voting on the creation of a Deer Ridge property owner-funded landscaping and lighting appraisal district to support the area improvements finance and ongoing maintenance.

If the majority of respondents agree, the golf course owner will transfer ownership of the frontal sections to the city.

Property owners in the area would then be charged between an estimated $ 70-90 per year for 10 years to fund infrastructure and landscape improvements in addition to ongoing maintenance. After that initial 10-year period, annual valuations would drop to an estimated $ 20 or $ 30 just to cover ongoing maintenance costs.

“Thirteen of these areas form the so-called parkway strips along the facade of the parcels that make up the golf course,” said park planner Joe Odrzywolski. “There are essentially 13 areas that are between the curb and sidewalk, roughly a 5-foot strip along all golf course fronts, and the 14th area is the entry point on Foothill Drive.”

Should the owners’ formal vote fail, the city would lose $ 102,600, which will be used to move the eventual voting process forward, and the frontlines would remain the responsibility of Deer Ridge Golf Club, LP.

However, early evidence suggests the district is likely to be approved.

Approximately 80% of respondents (141 responses) to a city-derived letter to all 1,061 Deer Ridge property owners who commented on the plan approved it.

“We have waited long enough; We waited too long. Please let’s move this project forward, ”said Rod Flohr, resident of Deer Ridge.

Another resident, who identified herself only as Marisol, said areas that were once laid out near her home turned to dead plants and weeds.

“Deer Ridge is an embarrassment right now and these efforts will improve at least part of this disease,” she said.

Alderman Jovita Mendoza said the zealous Deer Ridge subdivision deserves a shot to help itself.

“If some things fail that we can take care of, we should help as much as possible,” she said.

The council still has a handful of formal steps to take before the ballots are sent to the owners, possibly in the second quarter of this year.

Prior to this process, city officials indicated that they are planning formal contact efforts to inform voters of the improvements included in the formation of the district.

Property owners would receive their ballot papers at least 45 days before the ballot papers were tabulated.

If the district is approved, restoration of the area could be completed by the fourth quarter of this year.

For more information, including the locations of areas that could be improved, see package page 184 at

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