QUALIFICATION INQUIRIES ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPE AND CONSULTING SERVICES PURPOSE OF THE INQUIRY The City of Concrete (“City”) collects annual statements on qualifications and performance data (RFQ) from architects, engineers, architecture and consultancy / specialist companies with the provision of professional services for the city according to RCW 39.80. * These qualifications and declarations of performance are reviewed and stored and used as a source for selecting one or more qualified companies from which a detailed proposal for a specific project is requested. * The City of Concrete receives funding from time to time through federal programs such as the Washington State Community Development Block Grant program with federal funding provided by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and other federally funded programs. Companies selected for specific projects must be able to ensure compliance with specific programs when federal funding is involved. SCHEDULE The city follows the following schedule: Issue RFQ 01/01/2021 Deadline for submitting responses to RFQ 12/31/2021 INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSALS A. All responses should be sent to: Town of Concrete Attn: Professional Services Roster PO Box 39 Concrete, WA 98237 B. Please put one (1) copy of your request in a sealed envelope and clearly label the lower left corner with “A&E Services Qualification Statement”. C. Qualifications should be prepared simply and economically and contain a simple, concise description of the vendor’s skills to meet the requirements of the request. The focus should be on completeness and clarity of the content. The use of recycled paper for inquiries and any printed or photocopied material produced under a contract with the city is desirable whenever possible. The use of both sides of paper sheets for all submissions to the city is desirable whenever practical. Please submit only one (1) declaration of qualification. D. Any questions regarding the specifications or the RFQ process should be directed to the Clerk Treasurer at (360) 853-8401. Companies in minority, women and disadvantaged groups are encouraged to make statements. PUBLICATION This call for tenders is published as follows: Skagit Valley Herald 01/01/2021 Office for Minority Enterprises and Women’s Businesses 01/01/2021 Published January 1, 2021 SVH-2040455

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