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RAMSEY: Landscaping adds to your home’s value | Community – kechambers

RAMSEY: Landscaping adds to your home’s value | Community

The quality of the planting work can determine how well your tree will adapt and grow in its new environment.

The hole should be two to three times the size of the tree’s root ball, but no deeper than the height of the root ball.

Loose soil under the root ball can cause a heavy tree to sink, resulting in a tree being planted too deep. This gives the roots of the tree good loose soil to expand. Use the natural soil for backfilling. This will help eliminate the possibility of circling roots and a stressed tree.

Remember that the clay soil is poorly drained. Planting a tree or shrub in this type of soil may require planting a third of the root ball above the soil line and adding soil around the root system. This will improve drainage so that the tree’s roots can breathe.

You should also make sure to remove the burlap and any wire material. Before backfilling, make sure you notch the root ball so the roots grow outward.

Clatterbuck recommends watering twice a week or as needed to keep the soil in a moist state but not to let it float.

Mulch the area around newly planted shade trees, but do not let the mulch touch the tree. Mulch helps control weeds, saves moisture, adds nutrients when mulch breaks down, and protects trees from lawnmowers and string cutters.

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