Pro Landscaper Business Awards: Training and development within commercial landscaping

Training and development are much needed foundations within all businesses, and commercial landscaping companies are no different. A great example of this in action is Maylim, the winner of the 2022 Pro Landscaper Business Award for the category of Commercial Landscaping Company.

Maylim “places a significant importance on sourcing and retaining top talent within the industry and also on the development, training and progression of colleagues”. A clear example of this is the implementation of its Development Journal Program introduced in 2021 with its HR partner, Aspiring HR. Breaking down its programme, Maylim said: “The program consists of employees having a one-to-one meeting with their line manager on a quarterly basis. The purpose of the Development Journal Program is to track each employee’s development journey, discussing together and exploring options for career progression, training and development. Line managers are able to place a team member on the Company Development Wheel; a tiered system which associates their role and performance with The Maylim Way, company values ​​and their career path.”

Even before the implementation of its Development Journal Program, Maylim still had a very successful training and development program.

One clear example of his successful training and development is Liam Hawkins. Maylim shared his journey: “Liam Hawkins joined Maylim in 2013 as a site manager. Since then, Liam has progressed through the management positions becoming a contracts manager in 2017. Liam has furthered his progression, being appointed to the role of operations director in 2021. He is a valued member of the senior management team and role model for entry level management starting their career journey with Maylim.”

With a strong percentage of its annual turnover used on training and development, it is clear that Maylim has its staffs’ progression at its heart and that this is part of the ‘Maylim way’.

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