O.F. Wolfinbarger offers local gardeners landscaping expertise | Special Section

Are you planning to design your front yard or back yard?

Not sure what to do, what materials to use, or how much?

No worries. OF Wolfinbarger Landscape Materials got you covered.

You have soil, compost, sand, and mixed material.

You have decorative stone, gravel, wood chips, decomposed granite. They can pick it up at their locations or they have a fleet of five trucks that can deliver the material to your home.

It all started in 1929 when Olin and Jesse Wolfinbarger moved to Chino. Olin began cleaning cow stalls and hauled the manure to the foothills of what is now Ontario, Chino, Upland, and Rancho Cucamonga. OF Wolfinbarger Landscaping was born.

It has been passed down through generations for 91 years. The fourth generation is now working hard with third and fourth generation family members to protect the people of the Inland Empire.

While they carry a variety of landscaping materials, their specialty, and what sets them apart, is individual soil mix. They ship hundreds of yards a week to their commercial clients, as their website highlights, while serving homeowners at the same time.

The friendly staff at reception will also be happy to help you develop exactly the right floor for specific needs.

With four generations and still strong, landscape designers in the ever-growing Chino Valley can look forward to having OF Wolfinbarger’s help for a while.

“We love the Chino region and want to stay where we have been since 1929,” said Stephanie Wolfinbarger, the company’s office manager. “We always upgrade our equipment as often as possible. As the business grows, we hire accordingly. “

The company’s website says: “Family owned and operated for over 91 years and for another 91 years!”

OF Wolfinbarger is located at 5675 Francis Avenue in Chino. Her phone number is 627-7481.

Opening times: Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm until October, then until 4pm from November to March; Saturday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Closed on Sundays and Holidays.

Information: ofwolfinbar gerinc.com.

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