N.J. snowbirds’ Florida Friendly Landscaping jeopardizes sale of neighbor’s home

A couple claim the sale of their home in The Villages was jeopardized by their neighbor’s Florida Friendly Landscaping.

John and Jane Lawless, who recently moved to the village of Antrim Dells, tried to sell their home at 2111 Sansores Street in the village of Santo Domingo.

However, their neighbor’s home at 2113 Sansores Street belongs to the New Jersey Snowbirds, who are struggling with the health and appearance of the Florida Friendly Landscaping in their yard.

“This has been the case for four years. This is not new, ”said John Lawless, clearly upset by the situation.

The Connors are preparing to introduce a new version of Florida Friendly Landscaping in their home at 2113 Sansores St.

He and his wife Jane tried to sell their house. They had several open days and demonstrations. They had three potential buyers, but all three withdrew due to the appearance of their neighbour’s lawn. He said realtors have told them they are likely to get up to a 30 percent hit on the sale price of their home.

“It doesn’t even look like much. There are stones and weeds everywhere. There are flowers that are 6 feet tall, ”said John Lawless of the house next door.

He and his wife have owned the house since 2010 when they bought it for $ 190,000.

Christopher and Donna Connor bought the home at 2113 Sanores St. in 2013. In 2017, the Connors filed an application with the Architectural Review Committee for Florida Friendly Landscaping in their home. However, at a public hearing on Friday morning in front of the Community Development District 2 board of directors, it was found that the Connors had failed to comply with the 2017 ARC request. The couple filed for and gained approval of an updated application on the Wednesday before the ARC.

They asked the CDD 2 board to be given by mid-May for the new Florida Friendly Landscaping to be planted and given the opportunity to fill out.

Donna Connor admitted she made some rookie mistakes when planting the first round of Florida Friendly Landscaping.

“I’m out there every day digging roots,” she said.

Donna Connor said Florida Friendly Landscaping at The Villages has a stigma.

“A lot of people don’t like Florida Friendly Landscaping. A lot of people pass by when I’m working in the yard and not talking to myself. I have Florida Friendly Landscaping for environmental reasons, ”she said. “It’s a matter of opinion whether you like it or not.”

She told supervisors that she was not going to put down any lawn and that she wanted to stay with Florida Friendly Landscaping.

She plans to plant perennial peanuts. But it will take them some time to get in and she is worried about frost.

The board ordered the Connors to plant the Florida Friendly Landscaping within the next 30 days and gave them an additional 60 days to die.

The schedule is for Florida Friendly Landscaping to be fully completed by mid-April. Donna Connor didn’t win her mid-May deadline motion.

Some superiors said the Connors neighbors had already paid a price.

“I sympathize with these people. You live next to a dump. They are trying to sell their house, ”said supervisor Jim Cipollone.

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