Muskego man takes his own life after attacking 2 women with landscaping bricks in Racine Co.

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) — Authorities say a man went to an animal sanctuary in Racine County Friday morning and attacked two people on the property with bricks.

A violent and chaotic scene unfolded, with the suspect taking aim on authorities who arrived at the scene.

We’re learning more about the suspect in the brutal attack. He’s got a long rap sheet. In fact, he should’ve been in prison. This summer he was sentenced to three years, but that sentence was stayed. So he was out on bond.

Just after 10am Friday, an ironic call at 1117 Britton Road in the Town of Dover. The address is home to Tiny Hooves Sanctuary, which provides safe haven to 150 rescued farm animals. Someone was brutally attacking two people at the property.

The Racine County Sheriff’s Department says the first deputy on-scene found evidence of a violent assault with 10-pound landscaping bricks. The suspect, 32-year-old Bradley Kubisiak, was in a pickup truck, a dog in the front seat, and refusing to follow police commands to stop, then threw it in reverse and accelerated toward the squad.

Deputies from all over responded. Police shut down Highway 20 for a time. The search ended less than a mile away just off Highway 20 where it appears Kubisiak, whose last known address is Muskego, may have been staying in a shed.

The swat team responded to what was described as a pole barn. Police say Kubisak had a knife, then slashed his own wrists and throat. Sheriff Chris Schmaling in a statement saying, “Preliminary facts indicate the investigator was justified in discharging his firearm and said the swat operators used appropriate tactics when they confronted Kubisiak and he chose to take his own life”.

Police say the two victims he attacked are both hospitalized in serious condition.

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